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We offer a listing of books, manuals, pamphlets and other matter acknowledged as used and useful references for researching subjects covered by this website

Business as usual: the library - Holland House, Kensington, London - in 1940, having been struck by an incendiary bomb


Recommended reading - in no particular order - to find a specific item, use "Edit/Find in Page"


The Lee-Enfield Story Ian Skennerton 1993 Greenhill Books ISBN 1 85367 138 X
The Lee-Enfield Rifle Maj. E.G.B. Reynolds 1960 Herbert Jenkins -
The Golden Century ( BSA ) John Knibbs 2002 John Knibbs Publications -
BSA Book of the Air Rifle   ca. 1910 BSA & Co.  
BSA Rifles and Rifle sights Original catalogues or reprints 1909 thro' 1930 -
A.G. Parker or Parker- Hale Original catalogues or reprints 1920 thro' 1980 -
The Other Battle D.M. Ward - BSA history 1945 Birmingham Small Arms -
Munitions of War 1914-1918 BSA and Daimler George H. Frost post WW1 by BSA & Co. -
Rifles and Ammunition H. Ommundsen & E.H. Robinson 1915 Cassel -
A Century of Sights Edna R. Parker 1984 A.G. Parker -
The Citizen Rifleman E.J.D. Newitt 1906 Newnes -
Rifle and Carton Ernest H. Robinson 1914 Edmund Seale -
The Rifleman's Companion L.R. Tippins 1910 Mills & Boon (really) -
Handbook for the War Office Miniature Rifle   1907 Birmingham Small Arms -
The Elements of Rifle Shooting J.A. Barlow 1932 Gale & Polden -
Rim-fire Rifleman Edwards Brown Jnr. 1950 Stackpole -
Rifle Shooting for Schools Maj. D.B. MacKenzie 1937 Gale & Polden -
Modern Infantry Weapons and Training in their use Sgt. R.C. Sweeting 1962 Gale & Polden -
The Armourer's Handbook Labore 1944 Gale & Polden -
SMRC Handbooks Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs pre- 1947 -
Miniature Rifle Shooting L.R. Tippins   -
Modern Rifle Shooting in Peace War and Sport L.R. Tippins 1900-1910 J.S. Phillips -
Munitions of War   1920 BSA & Co  
Rifle and target Capt. E.H. Robinson 1930 Cassel -
Rifle Training for War Ernest H. Robinson 1914 Cassel -
Rifleman's Dictionary & Pocketbook Ernest H. Robinson 1917 (BSA & Co. ?)  
Musketry Instruction and Miniature Range Shooting Q.M. Sgt. Inst. D. James 1912 Forster Groom -
How to instruct in Aiming and Firing 2nd. Lt. J. Bostock 1915 Gale & Polden -
Small Arms Manual Lt. Col. J.A. Barlow 1942 John Murray -
Random Writings on Rifle Shooting Lt. A.G. Banks 1943 Jordan & Sons -
National Rifle Association The first fifty years 1859 tro 1909 A.P. Humphrey & T.F. Freemantle 1914 Bowes & Bowes -
The Book of the Rifle T.F. Freemantle 1901 Longmans (or reprint) -
Target Rifle Shooting E.G.B. Reynolds & Robin Fulton 1972 Barrie & Jenkins ISBN 0 214 65353 6
Small bore target Shooting W.H. Fuller 1963 Herbert Jenkins -
The Book of the .22 Richard Arnold 1962 -1972 Kaye & Ward ISBN 0 7182 0911 7
TM 9-280 Caliber .22 Rifles   1944 U.S. War Department -
The Swift and Long Branch non-firing Training Rifles Malcolm MacPherson 1998 Self -
Essentials of Marksmanship Maj. E.G.B. Reynolds 1964 Percival Marshall -
The Ross Rifle Story R. Phillips, F. Dupuis, J. Chadwick 1984-2002 M.W. Leonard ISBN 0 9732416 0 8
A Treatise on the British Military Martini B.A. Temple & I.D. Skennerton 1995 B.A. Temple ISBN 0 9596108 7 1
Sharpshooting for Sport & War W.W. Greener 1900 R.A. Everett -
Sharpshooting for War & Defence W.W. Greener 1914 Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton -
Single Rifles & Accessories WW. Greener ca 1914 Catalogue -
User handbook .22 No.8 Mk.1   1961 War Office -
Rifle Shooting for Sport & Pleasure How to start a small-bore Rifle Club 1928 Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs -

Colchester Rifle Club

1900-2000 by Max Earnshaw 2004 CRC ISBN 0 9547864 0 8
British War Material List of Changes compiled by I.D. Skennerton 1977 Ian D. Skennerton ISBN 0 9597438 4 7 on
British Empire Training and Cadet rifles SAIS No.16 Ian Skennerton Jeremy Tenniswood ISBN 0 949749 45 1
Rifle Shooting for War 2nd Ed. Lt. H. Douglas ca 1916 Harrison & Sons -
Catalogue of the Enfield Pattern Room - British Rifles Herbert Woodend 1981 HMSO ISBN 0 11 771930 7
An Armourer's Perspective - The .303 No.4(T) sniper rifle Peter Laidler with Ian Skennerton 1993 Greenhill Books ISBN 0 949749 17 6
U.S. Martial .22RF Rifles Thomas D. Batha 2000 Excalibur Productions ISBN 1 880677 16 4
British .22RF Training Rifles Dennis Lewis & Robert Washburn 1993 Excalibur Publications -
Catalogue Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs 1940 SMRC -
The Rifleman - Journals Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs up to 1947 -
Handbook on Small-bore Rifle Shooting Col. Townsend Whelen 1941 Sporting Arms & Ammunition Manufacturers Institute - New York -
Patents for Inventions - Small Arms - Class 119 Produced by Kara Meredith 1993 Armoury Publications ISBN 0 939683 08 3
Successful Rifle Shooting David Parish 1989-1991 Crowood Press ISBN 1 85223 230 7
Small Arms Training Pamphlets Various The War Office -
Landscape Targets Catalogues Hill Siffken -
Musketry Manual   1915 Imperial Army Series -
Text Book of Small Arms   1909 and 1929 - HMSO -
Encyclopædia Britannica Excerpt on the "Morris Tube" 1911 - Encyclopædia Britannica -
Punch ...............or the London Charivari - Annual Omnibi 1860 to 1890 - Punch -
MAUSER SMALLBORES -Sporting target and Training Rifles Collector Grade Publications Inc. 1998 ISBN 0-88935-244-5
British Secondary Small Arms 1914-1919 - Part II, R.F.C. and R.N.A.S. A.O. Edwards

Solo Publications 2005 - see
The Winchester 1903 Semi-auto in .22RF

ISBN 0-9532952-7-3
TM 9-280 Caliber .22 Rifles, All Types U.S. War Dept. Technical Manual March 1944 -
U.S. Martial .22RF Rifles Tohmas D. Batha 2000 Excalibur Publications ISBN 1-880677-16-14
British Targets from the 19th. Century to date David Clark Avalon Associates - see British TARGETS

ISBN 0- 9529440-5-7
British Small Arms of WWII I. Skennerton Self - 1988 ISBN 0 949749 09 5
British Enfield Rifles Vols, 1,2, & 4 Charles R (Skip) Stratton North Cape Publications, 2000 on ISBN 1-882391 -16-0 ISBN 1-882391 -24-1 ISBN 1-882391 -29-2
Cartridges of the World Frank C. Barnes DBI Books , Inc. ISBN 0-910676-16-X
Rimfire Rifleman Edwars Brown, Jr. 1947 -51 Stackpole, Harrisburg, Penn.
With British Snipers to the Reich Capt. C. Shore

Stackpole Books, 1997

Originally Small-Arms Technical Publishing Company, Georgetown,SC 1948

ISBN 1-85367-292-0

* Out of Print - original print dates given

We show here a pictorial listing of books of interest to researchers in rifles and shooting.

These cover years from 1829 to 1931, and including many relevant military training manuals.

The document illustrates the covers, publisher and dates of each,

with the lists of contents, illustrations and plates where applicable,

with some internal pages and many contemporary advertisements included

to indicate what would be available to

any researcher who may choose to acquire a copy.


THESE ARE NOT HERE FOR SALE, so please don't ask.

Neither can we advise where they may be bought.


Some documents are available for download as PDFs at ARCHIVE.ORG

and physical copies may perhaps be located at such as ABEBOOKS.


Our document is in the form of a searchable flip-page booklet.

So, for example, if you type "Webley" into the search box,

and twice click the magnifier,

a listing of all incidences will appear to the left of the document,

clicking on each of which will take you to the appropriate page.




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