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The Webley & Scott 1911 Model Target Pistol in .22RF

being a development of the Webley & Scott Model 1908 Semi-automatic pistol

A single-shot target pistol, the Webley Model 1911 has no recoil system and is manually loaded and unloaded.

Between 1911 and 1919 a total just over 1100 of these pistols were manufactured, with another 200 odd in 1920 taking the then total to 1,400. With the closing of production in 1932 a further 45 units were made, making a final total of 1,385. The barrel is 9.125 inches long" and the frame is slotted at the base of the butt for a wooden shoulder stock.


The pistol was developed as a single-shot training representation of the normal police issue Webley semi-automatic Model 1908 for the Metropolitan Police.

The left side of the frame is marked with the maker's mark and the Webley logo. The right frame is marked "Made in England" and with the calibre of .22RF.

The Model 191 was effectively a modified version of the Model 1906, differing chiefly in the lack of a recoil springM 1911 were nothing but a modification of the model Webley & Scott M in 1906, from which it differs mainly in the barrel length, the lack of a recoil spring, and a modified action bolt. Without a recoil spring, the slide must be unlocked manually for the pistol to be reloaded.


This model, and the 4.5" barrelled version were occasionally used by the Special Forces during the Second World War ( 1939-45). Some Special Operations Executives (S.O.E.) operatives are known to have been issued with noise-suppressed examples of these pistols, which had the muzzles threaded and Parker-Hale type moderators (silencers) fitted.

Similar Webley & Scott pistols, but self-loading 1908 models in .32 inch calibre, were fitted with the larger Parker-Hale 1929 Model "Maxim" moderators. One such pistol, originally issued to S.O.E., is held by the National Army Museum in London, in their Study Collection.

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Designation or Type :
Manufacturer :
Webley & Scott
Date :
1911Model - modified ca 1940
Serial No :
Furniture :
Action Type :
Single-shot blow-back
Nomenclature or main marks:
Model 1911
Calibre :
? mm
Weight :
? kgs
Length - Overall :
? cms
Length - Barrel :

? cms

Pull :
? cms
Spare row :

Rifling - No. of Grooves :

Rifling - Twist & Direction :
1 : ? cms
Rifling - Groove width :
Rifling - Land width :

Rifling - Groove depth at muzzle :

Sight - Fore :
Sight - Rear :
Sight - Radius :
?? inches
? cms


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