in .22RF and other miniature calibres

with a few other Commonwealth, European and American equivalents for comparison

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The Martini Metford MT Carbine

Long Lee Enfield .22" conversion

Lee-Speed Rifle & Carbine

The War Office Pattern Miniature Rifle

Enfield RF Short Rifle Mks I and II

Enfield Rifle Pattern '13

Enfield Rifle No.1 Pattern '14

Enfield - No.1S.M.L.E. Rifle

Enfield No.1 S.M.L.E. Sniping Rifle

Enfield .303" cum .22" Pattern '18 - A.J.Parker conversion

Enfield Rifle No.2, Mk.III and Mk.IV*

Enfield Rifle No.3

Enfield Rifle No.4

Enfield Rifle No.4(T)

Enfield Rifle No.5 in

Enfield Rifle No.5 in 7.62mm

Enfield Rifle No.5/7

Enfield Rifle No.6

Enfield Rifle No.7

Enfield Rifle No.8

Enfield Rifle (No.) N.9

The FN SLR L1A1 .22RF experimental rifle and L12A1 conversion unit

The Drill Purpose (DP) Rifles L59A1 & L59A2

The SA80 Drill Purpose (DP) Rifle

The Enfield 5.56 mm Cadet Rifle L98A1 and .22RF conversion unit

The Enfield 'Boys' Anti-Tank Rifle'

Enfield Screw Thread Tables

Enfield Training Rifles & Equipment Chronology


Some unusual Enfield Rifle conversions to Small-Bore Target rifles

Some unusual Enfield Rifle adaptations and accessories

The last Enfield and the last Lee-Enfield ?

Sub-Calibre Equipment

Sub-Target Equipment


The SWIFT training rifle - representative of the Enfield Rifles No.3 and No.4

with its Canadian Long Branch counterpart

plus some other Nations' training rifles

Canadian Ross Cadet Training Rifle

Winchester 1885 & Winder Muskets

Winchester 1903 Semi-auto used by the Royal Air Force

Winchester Models 63, 67 & 74 used by the U.K.

The U.S. Lend-Lease Mossberg 42M-B training rifle

The Savage NRA Model 19-33 training rifle

The Springfield M2 training rifle

The Swiss Schmidt-Rubin training rifle

The French Lebel training rifle

The German Mauser training rifle


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