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Lee-Enfield No. 1 (SMLE) converted to a Back-Position rifle in .22RF calibre

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This quite unusual conversion is assumed to have been built for small calibre practice purposes by a full-bore supine shooter.

It is presently held in the collection of the National Rifle Association's Museum at Bisley, Surrey - on loan from Mr. James Hallam.

The rear-sight has long-since been removed from the heel of the butt, no doubt for use on another rifle. The fore-sight is also missing from the dovetail about two inches in rear of the muzzle.

The fore-end woodwork has been heavily modified by the removal of the upper part of the forward section, and with additional clearance rearwards towards the barrel reinforce, rendering the rifle effectively semi-free-floating barreled.

The nose-cap, barrel-band, tanget rear-sight, volley sight and upper handguard wood furniture have been dispensed with, and the spurred forward section of the under fore-end becomes the rest for the rifle in the crook of the legs being the manner of the supine rifle shooting position a la Soper.

That the rifle was also once fitted with a target rear-sight suitable for the more usual prone position is evidenced by the tapped screw-hole in the centre of the left-hand side of the butt-socket, which held the fastening screw for the side-mounting plate to which such a folding aperture sight would have been affixed. (See the Parker and Parker-Hale rifle sights page)

Images by courtesy of the Trustees of the N.R.A. Museum


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